Buhlow Lake Location and Size

The City of Pineville and
Buhlow Lake

Buhlow Lake and surrounding properties are owned by the State of Louisiana. The City of Pineville has a lease on the lake and properties.

For official informaiton about the lake, or to make reservations for facilities,

contact the City of Pineville Parks & Recreation Department

or phone 318.449.5668

Buhlow Lake is a popular destination near Pineville in Central Louisiana for various boating, racing, fishing and recreational activities. Built in 1956, it covers an area of 282 acres.

The lake is located at Latitude: 31.3356635 North, Longitude: -92.4449113 West, and sits at an elevation of 79 Feet above MSL.

The control structure is a Hydro Gate 36”x 36” heavy duty stainless steel slide gate. The outflow pipe is 36” in diameter. The lake's average depth is 5 feet, with a maximum depth of 9 feet.

Getting Oriented to the Lake Buhlow Area

Buhlow Lake is located on the north side of Pineville, bounded on the south by U.S. Highways 165-71, and the Red River to the north.

Buhlow Lake,
Fort Buhlow Lake
or Lake Buhlow?

Different people use different names for the lake. The City of Pineville uses the name "Buhlow Lake" as does the City of Alexandria and State agencies such as DOTD and DWLF. But everyone in the area knows the lake, by any name!

Buhlow Lake has been the site of power boat racing since the 1960s, and is known for its flat, fast race course due to the shallow lake being sheltered from winds by surrounding hills.

The City of Pineville has several sanctioned motor boat racing events annually on the lake.

It has the distinction of being the location for many world speed records. The lake is often called "The Fastest Lake in the USA".

Initially the Louisiana State Championships races were held on the lake, and then later the Southern and World Championships.

about powerboat racing at Buhlow Lake

At the west end of the lake is the historic Civil War-vintage Fort Buhlow.

It's a great day for racing at Buhlow Lake!

Further west from the lake is the new Forts Randolph and Buhlow State Historic Site. Fort Buhlow and Fort Randolph were earthwork/moat fortifications constructed from October 1864 to March 1865 to protect the upper reaches of the Red River Valley from another Union invasion. The two forts overlook the site of Bailey’s Dam, a well known Civil War engineering feat. The historic site is operated by the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism.

Just south of the lake is the historic Dairy Barn Central Louisiana State Hospital.

about the Forts Randolph and Buhlow State Historic Site

Pineville ... tourism, hotels, recreation, fishing, boating, historical sites ... visit now!

The Fort Buhlow Recreation Area operated by the Red River Waterway Commission lies to the north, nestled between Buhlow Lake and the Red River.

It features a three lane boat launch, boat dock, picnic shelters, hiking trails, parking, comfort stations, lighted ballfield, disc golf courses, and more facilities. Access to this area is via the Lake Buhlow Road past the Pineville Airport.

about the Fort Buhlow Recreation Area

Pineville Municipal Airport, located at 200 Lake Buhlow Road, at the east end of the lake, is operated by the City of Pineville. The airport features the only charted water runway in central Louisiana.  Both the paved runway 18/36 and the water runway extend 3,000 feet in length.

Flightline Air Services provides air support services such as fuel, maintenance, hangar space, tie-down, flight training, aircraft rental, and pilot supplies.

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Just south of the lake, across the highway, is Pineville High School and "Rebel Hill" situated on the former "Sandy Canyon".

Map of the Buhlow Lake Area

Map of the Buhlow Lake Area showing major water features and attractions
Map of the Buhlow Lake Area showing major features and attractions

Fishing and Other Recreational Activities

Fishing at Buhlow Lake ... it doesn't get any better than this!

Buhlow Lake is a popular fishing destination by both bank and boat fishermen.

It has been stocked with channel catfish, but it is also known as a good spot to fish for bass and bream. It has no public piers, but the banks are generally clean, and anglers regularly fish from the banks.

A boat launch site is located on the south side of the lake near Highways 165-71.

The City of Pineville holds various public events around the lake. These include a 4th of July fireworks celebrations, fishing tournaments, car shows, etc.

Boating, fishing, skiing, camping, hiking, disc golfing and other recreational activities are popular around the lake. RV resorts, campgrounds, resorts, restaurants, and motels are all available in easy driving distance of Buhlow Lake.

The nearby Red River also offers excellent fishing opportunities. A boat launching area is available at the Fort Buhlow Recreation Area.