Fastest Lake in the USA

It's a great day for racing at Buhlow Lake!

Buhlow Lake has been the site of speed boat racing since the 1960s, and is known for its flat, fast race course due to the shallow lake being sheltered from winds by surrounding hills. The City of Pineville authorizes various sanctioned motor boat racing events on the lake.

It has the distinction of being the location for several world outboard speed records. The lake is often called "The Fastest Lake in the USA".

Boat Races at Buhlow

On July 9-10, 2016, the National Boat Racing Association (NBRA) and the host club the Louisiana Boat Racing Association (LBRA) will be holding the 2016 NBRA Short Course National Championships on Buhlow Lake.

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Initially the Louisiana State Championships races were held on the lake, and then later the Southern and World Championships.

In June of 1961, 109 boats participated in the state championships, setting 11 new world records.

The next year, in July of 1962, 146 boats ran the lake, and set 3 new world records.

The first World Championship was held in October of 1965, with an astonishing 475 boats participating. Jerry Waldman was the champion, and 18 new world speed records were established.

The race course on Buhlow Lake at Pineville is considered the best in the United States for Alky powered outboards, not only due to strict control of the water, but by the work of all officials, and the enthusiastic crowd. 

The photo below shows the two-man F runabout "Miss Pam" on the front straightaway at Lake Buhlow in 1972.  The driver and winner of the class is Charlie Bailey from Houston, with deck rider Wayne Baldwin from Sandia, Texas behind.  They are in a Merc Quincy powered Morton runabout hull. 

The boat and motor was owned by Roland Pruett from Baytown, Texas. 

"Miss Pam", BT-11, racing on Fort Buhlow Lake (photo courtesy of Wayne Baldwin)
Miss Pam, BT-11, racing on Fort Buhlow Lake in Pineville, Louisiana, in 1972

Video of power boat racing on Buhlow Lake